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Service Agreement

Service Agreement

INTDEST FX <br> Service Agreement


This agreement contains the central İçerenköy Mah. Değirmen Yolu Caddesi Yüksel Üçüncü İş Merkezi is located at Floor: 3 No:33/8 Ataşehir /ISTANBUL from CAKSTRATEJIKŞti. (hereinafter referred to as CAK) with it has been concluded between the member (hereinafter referred to as the CUSTOMER) who uses the web-based software on the named website. dec.

2. time

The contract period is from the date of invoice until the monthly coverage of the package period it has selected (Bronze 1ay, Silver 3ay, Golden 6ay). It is renewed automatically every dec, unless there are any disputes between the parties and if one of the parties has not notified in writing until 15 working days before the expiration of the contract. The license fee for the renewed period is accrued on the basis of the license fee amount for that year.


3.1. The Customer accepts the software “as is” and “as available” on the date of the contract. 3.2. CAK evaluates the change and development requests from the Customer and performs what they deem appropriate. Of these, there is no extra charge for those who do not require serious and significant changes to the system, or they are additionally projected. 3.3. CAK may make changes to the software or add new modules at any time in order to improve the quality of service or expand its scope. 3.4. HAMMER, uninterrupted use of the software will take all necessary measures, including regular maintenance and backup operations, for any reason, the software will commit to intervene in case of interruption of our Software is integrated within the shortest possible time and also TradingView and all the tools and training has been created to be used as indicators to present and relying completely do not invest in any environment. The indicator software produced by CAK is not committed to providing 100% accuracy. 3.5. The Customer agrees and undertakes that he will not hold CAK responsible for any disruption or damage to access for technical reasons not caused by CAK, and will not claim any rights or compensation. 3.6. The Customer may terminate the agreement if the use of the software is interrupted for 7 consecutive business days for a reason caused by CAK, regardless of the reason for the interruption. In such a case, CAK agrees to refund the Customer the fee corresponding to the remaining part of the agreement. 3.7. CAK has no obligation to retain any data belonging to the Customer after the cancellation of the expired and/or terminated services.


Licensing is based on the defined number of employees and the modules used it is made in the form of payments in the amounts specified at the address. The payment due date is the same day as the invoice date. In case of delay problems such as natural disaster, domestic legal prohibitions in the process after payment is received, according to the state of work intensity, an e-invoice will be issued and sent to the e-mail provided by the customer no later than 7 working days as of the payment date.

5. privacy

5.1. CAK undertakes to protect the data and information in the electronic environment in accordance with the applicable legislation, especially the law No. 6698 on “Protection of Personal Data”. 5.2. CAK October collect additional information for the purpose of developing the software without registering who the Customer is. For example, the pages displayed, the properties of your browser, such as screen width and height. 5.3. It is the Customer’s responsibility to keep the password used for system access confidential. A particularly ‘strong’ password should be preferred and should not be shared with anyone else. In order to prevent others from accessing the same computer, the software must be logged out by terminating the session. 5.4. CAK can show the Customer as a reference, publish it using his name and logo. If this is not requested, CAK should be notified in writing.


6.1. Customer, it agrees that it will not use any tools, software or methods to interfere with the operation of its application, in particular, it will not take actions that will disrupt or slow down the system. 6.2. the content and software belong to CAK and are protected within the framework of other legislation related to Turkish and international intellectual and industrial property rights. The Customer agrees not to copy, reproduce, modify, create derivatives from this content or publicly display them for commercial purposes without CAK’s express and written permission in advance. 6.3. The Client cannot upload files that contain viruses or contaminating or destructive features to the software. In cases where this rule is not followed, the Customer must contact him and/or 3. CAK cannot be held responsible for damages caused to individuals.

7. other

7.1 Violation of the Terms of Use of the Service may result in the suspension of the software being provided to the Customer or the complete cancellation of the contract. 7.2. ISTANBUL ANADOLU Courts and Enforcement Agencies have been authorized to resolve disputes arising from this agreement. I have read all the clauses before signing this agreement, I understand, I agree exactly.
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