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established in 2017, CAK Strategic Consulting has been continuing its activities mentioned in the trade newspaper with the same determination since the day it was established. with its 3 companies and almost 200 employees, it offers superior technology, high brand quality and a dynamic human resource to its partners and customers that it serves/receives.

CAK Strategic always offers its services based on the principles of partner/customer satisfaction and trust. As a result of this, it aims to create respected brands on a global scale and aims to represent Turkey all over the world, so it diligently presents its work to its partners and customers in this sense. CAK has adopted the vision of becoming a regional leader, especially in its sectors.
İ / / platforms CAK Strategic Consulting Inc. ltd. Şti. It was established as an e-commerce platform owned by the company.


CAK has adopted the vision of becoming a global leader in its sectors.


It aims to create reputable brands on a global scale and to present its works to its partners and customers with care in this sense.

Company Legal Information

Address: İcerenköy, Degirmen Yolu Cd. Yuksel Ucuncu Is Merkezi No:33/8, 34752 Ataşehir/İstanbul
Tax Number: 1960861754
Mersis Number: 0196086175400001
Trade Registry Number: Istanbul/ 101950-5

Delivery and Refund

It prioritizes the security of our customers who make purchases on the website and performs the control of payment / invoice information from the moment you place your order on our e-commerce site. Therefore, in order for your order to reach the procurement and delivery stage, it is necessary to confirm the accuracy of the payment /invoice information of your order first and send an e-mail to you stating that it has been confirmed.

Inventory Problems

There are no stock problems with software products. However, due to the update of the product, the service may be stopped temporarily.

The Authorization Process

Your reservation will be provided within 24 hours of receipt of payment. In case of any problems, it is necessary to contact our communication resources. The solution time of the problem is simultaneous. However, this situation may be shortened/lengthened depending on the intensity and the working status of our representatives.

How many days is the return period?

In general, there are no refunds because the products you buy are Software and specially coded products. In case of errors or problems, it is necessary to contact our authorities. Before contacting, it is necessary to send your request in a short form with images showing the problem and date and time information along with the article containing your request.

Important Security Elements

Contrary to popular belief, users’ credit card information is often stolen in physical environments, not in purchases made over the Internet. Therefore, be careful when using your credit card in everyday life, do not give your credit card number, expiration date and CVC (Security number) number to others. Restaurants, shops to shop in physical environments such as field measures against employee fraud with stolen credit card information, e-commerce sites as soon as they catch these crooks have to contact the actual owner of the credit card, collaborate in situations like this. Carefully check the statement information at the end of the month and contact the companies for purchases that do not mean anything to you.
When shopping online, give preference to companies you know. In this way, you can get detailed information about all the issues that are on your mind. Be sure to include the company’s open address and phone number on the website. If you are going to make a purchase from an unknown company, make a note of all the phone / address information of the store where you bought the product before making your purchase. If you don’t trust it, please confirm it by phone before shopping.